Do you live in Bolton and require top-notch home security at unbeatable prices? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Enga Security Installation have your backs covered and your house protected when it comes to home security.

Over the years, Enga Security Installation have been providing the very best burglar alarms for a wide range of clients. We know how to get the job done, and we know how to do it quickly, with less hassle than you’d expect.

We provide a service you can rely on for all domestic, industrial, retail, and commercial properties at competitive prices. And we know your needs are divers – that’s why the service you’ll get will be tailored to your specific requirements. Every time.

If you’ve just recently moved into a property in the Bolton region – you’ll know how stressful it can be to move house. And though your to-do list may be longer than you remembered, having a secure security alarm fitted needs to be high on that list. With over 650,000 UK homes broken into each year, not having an alarm will make you just another statistic. With the most advanced wireless alarms, Enga Security Installation means a service that you can depend on.

Our wireless alarms are more accurate, quicker, and less obtrusive than conventional, bell-only wired ones. And, with less hassle on your part, it’s easier than ever to get a home that stays protected. This is an all-in-one security package that gets you ahead of the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process – don’t worry. Our team of friendly, expert engineers will make every step as easy as 123. After completing a free security survey, we’ll point out any vulnerabilities we think need to be corrected. Then we’ll advise you on the best product you’ll need to stay protected. A reliable installation service that doesn’t put you out of your way. It’s what we do best.

Taking home security seriously is what drives us to deliver the service we’re known for. Reliable. Friendly. Professional. It’s all at ESI, and we’re ready to help you.

We’re a reputable, industry-backed, and recognised home security company that works to make your home safer. By working with equally respected distributors, we offer cutting-edge technology that will get your property ready for the modern age. All at a price you won’t believe.

You know that home security is a big deal – but what do the statistics say? Three-quarters of UK homes are missing out on a fully-functioning home security alarm today, and with a burglary occurring every 45 seconds, getting yours protected with the very best technology is essential in this day and age. Having an efficient alarm that comes to the rescue will mean you get to stay ahead of intruders. Every time.

We’re a close-knit, dependable home security installation company with our customers at our heart. Our motivation is getting you prepared for what may lie ahead. With sleek, wireless home alarms, you no longer have to ‘chance it’ with burglars. With the latest, cutting-edge technology, your home will be fit for the future. Contact us today on freephone 0800 2118081 to see what we can do for you.