Do you live in Wigan and need home security you can depend on? You’ve come to the right place.

Enga Security Installation have you covered when it comes to home security, because it’s what we do best.

Enga Security Installation have been providing the best security provisions for a range of clients over the course of many years. When it comes to equipping properties with a reliable security system, we know how to get the job done. ESI deliver reputable and effective alarm installation for all domestic, industrial, retail, and commercial buildings at a cost that’s affordable.

Our clients’ requirements are as diverse as the products we can offer, Whether you’re after a wireless alarm, or a Yale Smart Home alarm, we have the kit to ensure your property stays secure, safe, and guarded.

Moving into a new property is a long and complicated process. On top of everything else you have to do, your to-do list will seem endless. Having the latest security alarm needs to be high on that list, however, because your new home deserves the best security. And with the most advanced wireless alarms on the home security market, Enga Security Installation means an alarm installation service that get you protected. Every time.

Quicker, more accurate, and less obtrusive than your standard, bell-only wired alarms, our wireless alarms means better security with less hassle. That means you get an all-in-one security package that delivers.

So, what’s the process? Our team of professional engineers will complete a (free) security survey of your desired property. It’s here where they will point out any vulnerabilities that your property may have, leaving it open to unwanted intruders. And then we’ll advise you of the right security products you’ll need to get covered.

Optimum installation with minimal inconvenience. It’s that simple.

With three quarters of UK homes missing out on a fully-functioning security alarm, getting your home protected is essential in the modern age. And not only that – every 45 seconds in the UK sees an attempted burglary on a property. As you can see, many of our properties are susceptible to breakings and unwanted intruders. Having a secure, efficient alarm will mean you get to stay ahead of them.

At Enga Security Installations, our motivation is getting you sorted with security that will bring peace of mind. With our effortless wireless alarms, your property will be equipped with the latest, cutting-edge security capabilities.